I am starting to use YouNow less, and gearing more toward just Audio on my Discord server. One I have things fully stable i will post a link to the Discord server which I call the Hangout. Others are welcome to come hang out play music, share videos from youtube or soundcloud audio, or just use your audio and broadcast live music mixing. There is no live video stream it is basically an audio/text chat. There can be multiple voice channels for talking over mic or using your systems line in jack, and there can be multiple text channels as well. Mine is set up with 1 main text channel and 2 voice channels. Wicked Radio is the secondary voice channel which plays music 24 hours a day and can take requests just hit up the chat with !play and a song name just as “!play metallica one” without the quotes and it will search for that and play the song. When nobody is asking for music the bot will play randomly from a list of nearly 6000 rock, county, metal, punk, and dance music songs. The choice to start to part ways with YouNOW was difficult but the fact is YouNow has a lot of traffic, but the return traffic is lacking. I would guess only 5% or less of viewers ever come back. Even less than that 1% or less that come into a live broadcast of mine actually chat and communicate. The features of YouNOW suck the video resolution keeps changing as well as other things making the quality degrade and suck. Nobody wants to listen to a professional DJ with thousands of dollars in high quality hardware reduced to sounding like a 1995 audio stream with clicks, pops, and lag, and choppy audio because the website itself is degrading the quality or demanding too much bandwidth from viewers. I will still use YouNow but it will not be the daily grind like before I will only use it for weekend broadcasts, and special events.

New stuff happening

Some new crap is taking place here at the LSDj mix studio. I am turning this website into more of a fan interaction site for dj’s to mingle with their fans online. Wait this aint new?! yeah it is not new but nobody is really doing this anymore. I think it would be nice to just chill with the fans away from the rigors of performance, and in a casual setting such as an online chat. Besides with online talking if someone annoys you that much you click the little X and move on. Now this is a work in progress and will be read to start taking people fans or dj’s in the coming weeks. I am only working on this as a hobby and in spare time. It is not exactly cheap to do all this stuff so bear with me and if you want to help paypal us a few bux to get us motivated even more.

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